In order to better educate and support businesses about operating a business in these extraordinary times, the City of Taguig has prepared a series of webinars.

Executive Order No. 7 was crafted to allow businesses to operate safely with the welfare of the employees and public in mind. It requires businesses operating within the City to view these webinars and submit an Safe City Checklist* provided at the end of the webinar series.

Module 1: The New Normal and COVID-19

Module 2: General Health Guidelines

Module 5: Office and Office Buildings

GCQ Webinars

GCQ: Barbershops and Salons

GCQ: Public Transportation

MECQ Webinars

Module 3: Retailers

Module 4: Food Establishments

Module 5: Office and Office Buildings

OFB Webinar on Safe Zones

*Accomplishing the Safe City Checklist is in compliance of the Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan (IDPRP) requirement stated in EO 7 – “An Order Establishing the Guidelines and Requirements for All Businesses Allowed to Operate During the Community Quarantine.