Vaccination Buses

TAGUIG’S VACCINATION BUSES are now making their stops around the city!

The vaccination buses will enable more Taguig residents and workers to get vaccinated in the city with a capacity of up to 500 accommodations daily. The buses will be stationed in designated areas for two to three days.

This new and innovative way of getting more people vaccinated will complement the city’s comprehensive vaccination program and allow easier access to COVID-19 vaccines while ensuring the efficiency, safety, and comfort of vaccination for citizens.

The pop-up vaccination centers also aim to target Taguigeños and workers in hard-to-reach areas, vulnerable communities, and those who are unable to personally come at the city’s vaccination hubs.

While vaccination for A4 Workers is underway, vaccination for those belonging to the categories A1 – medical frontliners, A2 – senior citizens, and A3 – persons with comorbidities is still being prioritized.